Brodsworth Hall

Brodsworth Hall is a grand Victorian country house constructed in 1861–63 and features unique Victorian shutters which are the last-remaining of their kind.Brodsworth Hall is a grade one listed building, which is why it must be mindfully preserved and any maintenance must be carried out with careful expert hands.
Thorough investigation was taken out on Brodsworth Hall in order to understand what footprints have been left behind by any previous maintenance.An in-depth report discovered the unique Victorian shutters across its large windows are the last remaining of their kind. Further investigation unearthed the shutter slats have been stripped of any historic paintwork and given an overhaul - with some slats being fully replaced.
This means English Heritage can call in the help of Brouns & Co Linseed Paint. Its moisture-wicking preservation properties work best when applied to bare timber. Unlike conventional paints, which coat the surface of the wood and leave a film, linseed paint penetrates the timber. Its pigments preserve the wood by allowing moisture to be drawn from under the surface rather than becoming trapped - causing rot.English Heritage were able to devise a unique Purple Brown shade to mirror the existing shutters using our custom colour matching system.
Maintaining historic buildings like Brodsworth Hall is costly. Using linseed paint, English Heritage will benefit from minimal maintenance; wiping down the shutters with a little linseed oil every 10-15 years.
Project Update - July 2017  The work at Brodsworth has been a great success, and we think you'll agree that the custom colour we created for the blinds looks fantastic.English Heritage have also decided to use raw linseed oil to renovate the window frames, which really brings out the colour of the wood and provides excellent weather protection. We used an 85% Oil, 15% Balsam Turpentine mix for this application.

Products used on Brodsworth Hall