Satin Wood Oil for Floors & Furniture

The perfect oil for interior floors and furniture

This oil for floors and furniture made by Linolie & Pigment, is unrivalled in quality and colour range. It was originally developed in co-operation with Dinesen to give a range of colours to express various effects on their incredible floorboards.
 Satin Wood Oil is for interior use and there is a clear oil, plus a large range of colours. The range below shows the oil on either a piece of Douglas Fir or oak. Please click on the image you're interested in to have a look at more images.
 The oil consists of a variety of solvent-free oils, siccatives and colour pastes, and is made for untreated timber surfaces.
 Satin Wood Oil is about 3 times stronger against wear and tear compared to conventional oils and has a VOC content of less than 3g/litre (0.1 oz/33.8 fl.oz.), which is incredibly low. It goes without saying that Linolie & Pigment do not use preservatives and phthalates.
Coverage is around 15m2 per litre per coat / 160 sq.ft. per 33.8 fl.oz. per coat.
Follow this link for the Application Instructions. Click on the relevant link for Technical Data Sheets on the clear oil and coloured oil.
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