Historically Accurate, Plant Based Paint

Uncover the superior quality of Brouns & Co Linseed Oil Paint, skillfully crafted from flax plant-derived linseed oil and natural pigments. With only trace elements of VOCs, this environmentally conscious paint is a versatile choice suitable for historical and modern settings alike. Widely embraced for its application on wood and metal, it seamlessly combines tradition with modern aesthetics, making it a popular and eco-friendly choice. Read more...

Why Use Linseed Paint 


Linseed Oil Paint has been used for centuries quite simply because it works so well at protecting the substrate, as well as being able to accept pigments in order to create a good aesthetic appearance. Historically it would have contained lead for anti-mold properties but this harmful ingredient has been replaced with a combination of the natural ingredient of zinc and titanium white which works just as well.

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Written by our founder and CEO, Michiel Brouns, it describes in detail the unique role linseed paint plays in the preservation of historic buildings, including: What linseed paint is, what the ingredients are and how it is made; the benefits of linseed paint and how it functions on a molecular level, how linseed paint can play a pivotal role in reducing microplastics and making the building and restoration industries more sustainable, and detailed step-by-step instructions for applying linseed paint to a variety of surfaces.

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Historically Accurate Colours

The Brouns & Co Exterior Range of colours are all historically accurate based on colours used for centuries. These classic colours cover the spectrum of light to dark and are accurate if restoring a historic property but have also lived through the fluctuations in fashions and are as relevant today as they have ever been

Durable Long Lasting Paint System


Linseed oil paint protects against all weathers with fantastic wicking properties, enabling the evaporation of moisture, instead of trapping it under an impermeable film. Once it has been painted, wood won’t rot and iron won’t rust.

In Scandinavia, which has a long tradition of using linseed paint, original coats of linseed paint have survived on houses that are several centuries old.



There are a vast amount of projects that have used linseed oil paint. You will find many articles detailing projects within our blog section and we have also brought together some of the larger projects on the projects page. Hopefully these projects will give you some inspiration and ideas . View projects...



Not all linseed paint is the same. For the highest possible quality and durability, all Brouns & Co paint is made using triple roller mills only. This traditional manufacturing process creates a beautifully homogenous consistency, which forms the basis for the final paint colours.

Advice & Support

There is lots of helpful advice in the 'How To' section of the wesbite. But if you have a technical question to which you can't find the answer then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us an email or for telephone support we are available Mon - Fri 9.00am - 4.30pm

Linseed Oil
Usually late spring, the flax is ready to be harvested and the seeds get pressed to extract the raw linseed oil. The purity of this oil is part of the key to produce high quality paint. Brouns & Co ensure they use the purest of oils for their paint. The oil is also produced in various forms to use for thinning the paint or for wood treatments, find out more..

About Brouns & Co

Find out more about Brouns & Co's ethos and why we produce 100% natural Linseed Oil Paint, protecting buildings, people and the environment.

No Plastics

The Exterior Paint Range only has trace elements of VOCs. The Interior Range and Satin Wood Oil contain less than 0.03%.

Application Conditions

We often get asked if there is a minimum temperature for painting with Exterior Linseed Oil Paint. You can find out more information here...

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