Linseed paint in the garden

Linseed paint in the garden

22nd Apr 2022

It's that time of year when we can start to enjoy the garden and many garden structures and furniture can often  benefit from linseed paint. The wicking properties help protect the wood and because the paint is absorbed into the surface it helps the longevity of the paint. Metal furniture or structures can be painted with linseed paint too.  Available in a range of colours you can get creative to make these elements blend in or stand out depending on your preference. Here are a variety of projects and their colours that have all used been painted with linseed paint.

1. Arbour - Old Lead

2. Pergola - Arran

3. Bench - Haddon Estate Grey

4. Beehive - Leaf Green

5. Garden Room - Green Grey

6. Deck Chairs - Warm Grey

7. Fence - Golden Yellow