Mixing A Primer Coat - Exterior Linseed Paint

The Primer Formula:

Linseed Oil Paint 50%

Raw Linseed oil 35%

Balsam Turpentine 15%

For example, to make up 1L of Primer Coat you will need 500ml of paint / 350ml of raw linseed oil / 150ml of balsam turpentine.

Primer mixing Instructions:

In a clean bucket or empty paint tin mix linseed oil paint, raw linseed oil and balsam turpentine in the following ratios:
50% linseed oil paint, 35% raw linseed oil and 15% balsam turpentine.
Measurements do not have to be exact but the paint must be nice and thin for the first application.
Give this mixture a really good stir before applying.