Linseed Paint Interior

It’s what everyone’s been waiting for: our superb linseed paint for interior use.

Now you can bring all the benefits of linseed oil paint indoors. Our Interior Range is hard-wearing and durable, and a dream to put on – you can even use a roller. And it comes in 42 fabulous chalky matte colours.

The same pot of linseed paint will do just about any surface: woodwork, metal, masonry, and large expanses of plaster or wallpaper. However, it is mostly used for (freshly) plastered walls. You don’t even need a primer or undercoat. Just remember that a matte surface will always show marks more easily than a glossy one. If you're after a very hard-wearing eggshell finish for interior woodwork, have a look at our Exterior Range, which can be used for this as well.

Even though our Interior Range is made with linseed oil, you can thin it with water and clean your rollers with soap and water.  However, because of the oil content in the Interior Range the drying time can be longer than conventional paint, especially in dark rooms.

Best of all, there are no nasty preservatives and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to give you a headache, dizziness or allergic reactions while you’re painting.

Click on the swatches below to order your paint. The squares below show a pronounced brushstroke, which we have added to show the colours better. Once applied in a real-life situation, the paint dries evenly.

Coverage is 9-12 m2 per litre per coat / 95-130 sq.ft. per 33.8 fl.oz. per coat

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