New Interior Range | Brouns & Co

New Interior Range | Brouns & Co

Published by Michiel Brouns on 11th Nov 2020

It has taken a while, but I'm pleased to announce that finally, our brand new Interior range has arrived. 

Linseed Paint Interior Range

The development has taken a good few years; you wouldn't believe how much time and effort goes into getting a product from concept to shelf-ready. From the development and testing of the product to designing and printing the labels, the safety test, website updates... the list is endless.

We would never launch anything unless we are absolutely happy the quality and ease-of-use are guaranteed. I believe that we have managed to encapsulate the quality, durability and environmentally responsibility you have come to expect from us into the new interior paint range. 

Image Interior Linseed Paint Nr 22 Pimlico

It comprises of 42 colours which are mostly based on historic interiors. As always, we don't really follow trends but want to offer materials to create timeless design. Which is actually more difficult than it may appear. Our colours are also not called Crocodile Tears or Tarantula Bite. Inspiration comes mostly from nature and spending a lot of time in The Yorkshire Dales and Colorado, mostly on the bike.

Linseed Paint Interior Range Nr 22 Pimlico

As always, the starting point is quality: we never cut corners on ingredients. As with the Exterior Oil paint, for this Interior range, we use nothing but the highest quality ingredients. The interior range is based on linseed oil but we have used a natural cellulose-based emulsifier so you can thin it with water. Tools can also be cleaned with water but best of all: you can apply it by roller. We recommend a good quality microfibre roller with a large pile (17mm if you can get it).

Always work away from the light source (i.e. doors and windows) and do one wall in a go. Don't go around the room doing all of the cutting in first but try to apply the paint wet-in-wet, which means that you can do the edges of a wall with a brush but only go as far as you can catch up with the roller before the edges dry.

The paint can be used on plaster walls (you can paint straight onto dried fresh plaster, no need for a primer), but is also suitable for use on (bare) timber. However, this is a matte paint and not as strong and durable as our Exterior paint. So, if you have a household with kids and animals, you might want to consider our exterior range for skirting boards and doors.  

We always like experimenting with applications and techniques and actually painting a wall, skirting board, door and doorknob all in the same white (Nr 1 Albion in the image below), left a very satisfying finish. And, pretty hard wearing too. I'm not sure we would currently recommend doing this in a household with kids and/or pets, but boy, does it look and feel good. We'll update on the wear in a while.

 Linseed Paint Interior Range Nr 1 Albion.