The perfect garden paint | Brouns & Co

The perfect garden paint | Brouns & Co

Published by Michiel Brouns on 11th Nov 2020

Linseed paint is the ideal cradle-to-cradle product and should be the to-go-to paint for any garden projects! Let me explain. Linseed paint contains mostly linseed oil, which is derived from pressed flax seed (Linnum Ussitatissimum). So, essentially, you are doing any paint jobs with vegetable oil. 

 Raw linseed oil

This cold-pressed oil is then boiled to increase its viscosity to get boiled oil. To the boiled oil we then add raw-earth pigments. No solvents and paint based on vegetable oil and raw earth pigments. Talking about the perfect cradle-to-cradle products.

Field of flax seed - The basis for all linseed oil

How beautiful is this field of flax!