Restoration Of A Victorian Workers Cottage

Restoration Of A Victorian Workers Cottage

22nd Sep 2022

This Victorian workers cottage is located in a conservation area and the current owner set about replacing the oversized UPVC windows with wooden sash windows to take the property back to its original historic look. Fortunately there was an old photograph of the cottage to help get as close to the original windows as possible.

The carpenters finished making the new windows in March this year and scheduled them to be fitted in May. This meant the frames had to be painted in April, not necessarily the ideal time for painting as it was a little early in the year for the ideal drying time. To speed up the drying process the owner put the painted frames in the greenhouse to cure. This increased UV light as well as a little more heat worked well.

This customer hadn't used linseed paint before but commented, "I have used gloss paints before and pretty badly. One coat of thinned paint and two top coats of linseed oil was a pleasure. I really enjoyed using Brouns paints. So easy and smells lovely. The paint is beautiful and thrilled with the subtle off-white against the red brick. I was a complete novice with linseed oil paint but would now never work with plastic paint again."

A great result was achieved, a transformation back to the original look and with frames that should last years and years.. The paints used were from the Brouns & Co exterior range, Restoration White and Blackout. The brickwork of the cottage was restored with traditional lime pointing by Lost Marble Building Conservation.