Manufacture and Painting of Bespoke Gate

Manufacture and Painting of Bespoke Gate

15th Jun 2022

Jill's gate was a long but satisfying project for David Keys of Londonderry. The wood for this gate was originally in the ceiling of the Old Bleach Linen Company factory in Randalstown, Northern Ireland. Not only did the wood have it's wonderful history, it was also old pine of really good quality, with wonderfully tight growth rings, similar to a vinyl record.

The frame components and gate were all made in three layers in order to prevent any future warping or movement. It took a while to work out how to make the circle so that it would fit into the top half of the gate.

The circle was created to draw your eye through the gate towards the entertainment area.

"Jill wanted to have a traditional finish on the gate, so we used linseed oil paint from Brouns & Co. It was seriously nice to use, the workshop smelled amazing. Linseed oil paint is very durable and will last for decades without much if any upkeep."

The are just a few finishing touches to be made to the gate, a wonderful example of the use of reclaimed and natural materials. Thank you for David Keys of  David Keys Sustainable Woodworking for sharing this with us.

The colour of the gate is Manderley with the interior workshop image showing the closest representation of the true colour.