Linseed Paint Exterior

Linseed Paint - The history and future of paint

Linseed paint is an age old way to protect timber from exposure to the elements. In Scandinavia and most of mainland Europe and America, it has been around for hundreds of years and has one of the best track records of any building product. It prevents timber from rotting and metal from rusting. On top of that, it is more environmentally friendly and less expensive per square ft. than any other conventional exterior paint.

Linseed paint is not a hobby for us, it is far more important. We understand the need to be able to supply in large quantities at a consistently high level with the right ingredients. Our paint contains zinc white to increase durability and help combat mould-growth.

Follow this link for the Direction Of Use Instructions  Click on this link for the relevant Technical Data Sheets

Please click on one of the colour swatches below to order your paint in the size you need.

While the website gives you an idea of the range of our beautiful colours, the colours on screen cannot represent them accurately.  We would always recommend investing in a hand painted colour card or trying one of our sample pots to make your final choice.

Coverage is 15-20m2 per litre per coat / 160-220 sq.ft. per 33.8 fl.oz. per coat. One gallon is enough to paint 600 - 830 sq.ft. in one coat.

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