Walton Hall Gardens Conservatory

The works on this georgian conservatory
Another incredible project to be involved in! The Walton Hall Conservatory Range closed to the public in September 1993 and over the intervening 25 years, the buildings fell into disrepair.
The buildings only remained standing thanks to temporary supporting beams and maintenance from the estate’s rangers and volunteers from The Friends of Walton Estate. The planning for the fantastic restoration project was years in development.
Thanks to The Heritage Lottery Fund, the restoration project got the cash injection it needed and a team of heritage specialists were employed to design the restoration works. 

Great care was taken throughout the restoration process to preserve the site’s cultural heritage with everything sympathetic to the original building. Brouns & Co Linseed Paint was used throughout.  Restoration White and the blue colour was a custom mix.

This time-lapse video shows progress spanning the whole restoration. 

Product used on Walton Hall Garden Conservatory