Elle Decoration

November’s Elle Decoration features the magazine’s pick of the best eco-friendly paints. Included in their round-up is our natural linseed oil paint. Find out why... (This article was written under our previous name Oricalcum.)
Linseed paint is solvent-free, omitting no nasty Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like conventional paints.
The manufacturing process of linseed paint is also eco-friendly; it’s produced through an entirely natural procedure using natural raw ingredients: flax seed and the earth’s natural pigments such as green umber and yellow ochre.
Even after application, linseed paint upholds its eco-friendly credentials. It doesn’t give off nasty gases like solvent-based paints. Linseed paint also doesn’t flake or peel without biodegrading.
That’s why Elle Decoration are advocates of Brouns & Co linseed paint. Find out more about the Eco-Friendly benefits of linseed paint.