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It’s a well-established principle amongst architects and specialists who work on restoration projects that lime paint in combination with lime render is by far the best finish for solid wall stone or brick structures. What is less well known is that to achieve the same professional and lasting results on timber and metal, linseed paint provides the best solution. 
In the same way that we have all moved away from concrete renders and exterior emulsions, it makes absolute sense to move away from conventional petrochemical paints for timber and metal as linseed paint lets moisture wick out through the surface.In the same vein, linseed paint is really the only suitable paint for timber facades and timber structures. Not only does it let the timber breathe, it is also exceptionally environmentally friendly (it is the perfect Cradle-to-Cradle product) and has very low embodied energy. Maintenance cycles are more than double than those of conventional paints, reducing the use of materials and shipping. And all this combined at a lower cost.
CPD Presentations

Michiel Brouns is the linseed paint expert in the UK and is available for CPD presentations or project consultations. Our CPD presentation 'Demysitfying Linseed Paint'is RIBA accredited, you can find more about this presentation here. 

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