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The ultimate in rapid, safe paint removal.

You'll never pick up a hot-air gun again. The original Swedish Speedheater system uses gentle infrared heat to remove paint, varnish and putty brilliantly at lower temperatures so you can say goodbye to scorched wood and cracked glass. It safely removes lead paint, too. After only a few seconds' exposure, the Speedheater Cobra lets you scrape old paint off easily, even in those pesky hard-to-reach areas.  Take a look at our video on paint removal.

Lightweight (at just over half a kilo), fast to set up and easy to angle, the Speedheater Cobra makes light work of removing paint from both wide-open expanses of paint and tricky nooks & crannies. It's perfect for removing old paint from furniture, door & window frames, marine details and stairways. We also supply replacement bulbs.


Marcus Ericson from Speedheater demonstrating the Cobra at the Listed Property Show

Safe, environmentally friendly paint removal

When stripping old paint which contains lead, lead particles are carried in the dust during sanding and scraping, and are released as fumes when using a hot-air gun. Even in relatively modern properties, paintwork may contain lead: although the use of lead in paint dropped dramatically in the early 1960s, it continued quite legally with some paints until the early 1980s. In 1992, EU regulations banned lead in all paints except those for use in historic buildings.

The good news is that the Speedheater Cobra safely removes lead-based paint because it works at temperatures lower than those which activate lead. Genuinely independent tests conducted by an industrial research institute in Sweden found that, even under 'worst case' conditions, the Speedheater only released between 1 and 10% of the lead limits which are permissible in Sweden and the USA. Get the independent test report.

Gently removes paint from wood

The Speedheater Cobra's infrared wavelength activates the water molecules in the old paint and softens it, causing it to bubble. The bubbling is due to the expansion of gases: some might even ignite, producing tiny flames which quickly burn out. This is quite normal and, with proper use, the Speedheater won't scorch wood.

Gentle on glass, too

Working close to a glass pane with a hot-air gun can be a tense affair, because cracking can happen no matter how careful you try to be. Used correctly, the Speedheater Cobra keeps your glass intact because the heat is generated by radiation, not convection.

Technical details

Output: 700W
Voltage: 110 or 220V options
Connection: Single-phase with safety earth
Total length: 355 mm
Width: 95 mm
Heating surface: 90x70mm
Weight (approx.): 600g

This product is only suitable for UK use. 

22 Reviews

  • 3
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Nick on 21st Feb 2020

    I’ve owned the Speedheater Cobra for three years. In use it’s much better than a standard heat gun. The advertised benefits in use with lead paint are well worth considering. You can still scorch the wood and crack glass if you are not careful. I found that when working on complicated mouldings in particular that scorching the wood is somewhat inevitable as you have to go over the same area a lot. What I have not been very happy about is the durability of the Speedheater. I’ve not used it a great deal; in fact a small fraction of the (hardly advertised) 5000 hours of lamp life. It has been well cared for and never dropped. However, the lamp fizzled out during a recent project. Linseed paint I’ve not been very helpful in handling the repair. They referred me to Tensid UK who are the UK distributor and carry out repairs. The repair has cost over a hundred pounds and not been handled very promptly causing a large interruption to the project I’m involved in. The Swedish company Speedheater did not even bother to reply to my email, and it begs the question about whether it’s worth investing large amounts of money in a product when after sales support is so poor.

  • 5
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Dan M. on 6th Oct 2019

    It seems a bit expensive compared to standard heat guns or chemical alternatives, but it's so quick and easy compared to those options that it;s worth it. Just get a good scraper, and keep it clean.

  • 3
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Howard G. on 14th Jun 2019

    Lovely bit of kit, does work really well. Expensive to buy but I persuaded myself if was healthier. Anyway, it really does work great on paint removal on intricate details ( Normally I use belt or rotex sanders with extraction ). Unfortunately having had it knocking about for a year and having only used it for perhaps 30-40 hours in that time the bulb has given up - no dropping or obvious reason.....£86? ouch!

  • 3
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Glenn M. on 15th May 2019

    Purchased to renovate an Arts and Crafts house I have recently purchased. Gun worked fine for the first 2 monrhs and then stopped Working which was really annoying because I had taken leave and had expensive scaffolding erected. I contacted Oricalcum to report the defective heat gun and the predicament I was in but they were not very sympathetic (i.e. No offer of a replacement) and requested for the gun to be returned so they could check if it was a warranty issue.......not helpful. Post receipt they informed me the heat guard had been damaged (I disagree the guard was fine and intact) and therefore the gun couldn't be repaired under warranty. No explantion or.other checks had been carried out to find out why the gun wasn't working. I.e. Simple build check but they did offer to send the gun to the importer......... Again not happy. I thought I was buying a premium heat gun from a premium company........ turns out not to be the case and I'm left half way through a project with no heat gun and no resolution in sight.......... Poor customer service which is very disappointing and I will just have to wait for a response from the importer after which my feedback will be updated.

  • 5
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Polly F. on 22nd Jan 2019

    Vast improvement over traditional heat guns and removed paint that Nitromores couldn’t even make blister. Has turned what looked like a daunting workload into a manageable activity.

  • 5
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Ben M. on 5th Nov 2018

    Expensive, but does a much better job than my old heat gun or paint stripper and if it lasts it will be worth every penny.

  • 5
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Mike B. on 3rd Oct 2018

    I ordered on-line A real quality product, easy to use and does not crack the glass when stripping window frames. An excellent service all round.

  • 5
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Stewart T. on 3rd Oct 2018

    I haven't tried it on glass yet, but on woodwork it is a gentle but effective way to remove the paint and doesn't burn the timber underneath.

  • 5
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Ross on 24th Nov 2017

    Heats up seriously fast and removes nasty oil based paint with ease so far.

  • 4
    Speedheater Cobra

    Published by Sarah A. on 18th Jul 2017

    Very quick to heat up, light and simple to use. Only downside is I have scorched the wood in some areas so I am experimenting on how to get the best result. Good product though, saves a lot of time.

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